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Cloud Storage Gateway

Archiving Flexibility - Store Locally or Cloud or Both

ArcMail's Cloud Storage Gateway product enables users the flexibility to archive emails, SharePoint files, Social Media posts and system files to local SAN or NAS storage or to cloud storage options.  The in-house appliance stores the basic communication data while the user selects local storage, cloud storage or a combination of the two for the main archiving location.


Multiple Cloud Storage Options

Archive to virtually any cloud storage partner, including Amazon S3TM, Rackspace® Cloud Files, Microsoft® Azure™, and Openstack™.



All communications with ArcMail Cloud Storage Gateway are encrypted before being sent to the


Locate Archived Data Faster Than Ever

When you need to recover data from multiple message platforms, the ArcMail Cloud Storage Gateway makes
it fast and easy. Using intuitive key-words, any authorized individual can locate email, Social Media posts, system files and SharePoint™ files and attachments in seconds, and restore the information to any user’s

ArcMail Cloud Storage Gateway datasheet