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Start Archiving Emails in a Matter of Minutes

When your ArcMail Defender arrives, you’ll have everything you need to get up and running in about an hour. Compare that to software and managed services that can take weeks to implement and can require an additional server. Plus, our Linux-based operating system integrates seamlessly with almost any mail server.

Search and Restore in a Matter of Seconds

ArcMail Defender provides the fastest archival search function in the industry, enabling employees or administrators to quickly find the emails they require.

Low Maintenance

Emails are archived automatically without requiring attention from IT personnel. Daily status reports are sent to administrators so they can evaluate server traffic and performance. With ArcMail, you can reduce the workload of your mail server.

Security and Control

With Defender email archiving hardware, your business-critical data stays exactly where it should—behind your firewall, safe from corruption by outside sources.

Cost-Effective for Any Size Business

Because the operating system, software, database, on-board storage and RAID disk management are all included, there’s no extra software to purchase and no need for an additional server. That makes Defender a scalable solution that provides you with mission-critical performance while keeping email archiving costs low. The premier email archiving appliance, Defender will pay for itself

ArcMail Defender Email Archiving Appliance Datasheet