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The Data Protection Appliance

Infrascale’s family of Data Protection Appliances™ overcomes the shortcomings of traditional backup appliances and makes cloud backup five times faster than competing hybrid solutions. The Data Protection Appliance delivers a new approach to hybrid backup by uniquely leveraging the power, scale, and affordability of the cloud for enterprise-grade data protection.

Dramatically Better Value

 The ROI and TCO of the Data Protection Appliance is undeniable. This chart compares the cost of a 10 terabyte appliance with three years of cloud storage.

  • More Affordable Cloud Storage. The price per terabyte of cloud storage is far more affordable than competing solutions – about 25% less per terabyte/month.
  • Virtual Appliance Option. Save even more with our virtual Data Protection Appliance, which is simple to deploy, scalable and easy to configure.
  • Huge Capacity Range. Protect from 2 TBs to 176 TBs per appliance so you can start very small and grow to very large on-premise storage configurations.


Complete Data Protection

With the Data Protection Appliance, you’re getting an integrated Data Protection Platform that includes cloud backup, archiving, and disaster recovery.  

  • Any Device, Any OS.  Protect data and applications no matter where they live, including physical and virtual servers, laptops/desktops, and mobile devices.  We support more than 50 versions of operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux, AIX, VMware, Mac, and Android.
  • Any Cloud Support. Don’t get locked into one vendor’s cloud. MSPs can offer clients their choice of cloud: Infrascale’s cloud, a private cloud, or popular third-party clouds (such as AWS and Azure).
  • Single Pane of Glass. Now MSPs have a single, cloud-based management console to manage multiple clients, monitor backups remotely, and easily troubleshoot issues. NoVPN or direct network access is needed to manage backups.


A Powerful Hybrid Solution

The Data Protection Appliance is a robust business continuity and DR solution equipped with leading-edge technology designed to minimize downtime, expedite time to protection, and simplify the data recovery process.

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service. The Data Protection Appliance includes new DRaaS functionality that lets you “instantly” boot a protected server, right from the appliance or from the cloud.
  • Agentless VMware Backup. Includes agentless “host level” backup to protect virtual machines without requiring any software on the individual VMs. Now, you can backup and restore entire VM images, specific files and folders, and automatically detect and protect newly created VMs.
  • WAN Optimization: Our WAN acceleration technologies optimize network throughput of data between the appliance and the cloud, and include traffic shaping, bandwidth limiting, over-the-WAN deduplication, and resilient-resumption technology.

Infrascale Data Protection Appliance Datasheet