Next Generation Network & Mobility Access Control

SnoopWall’s patented NetSHIELD scalable solutions allow you to control network access and detect, alert, block accidental, unintended,  malicious access and data exfiltration

NetSHIELD delivers a rich feature set of agentless network access control (NAC) and critical intranet security that firewalls and AV solutions do not address & where 95% of today’s breaches occur. NetSHIELD ensures only trusted assets access corporate networks. Additionally, zero-hour malware and phishing attack real-time quarantine, mac-spoof detection, TLD blocking, comprehensive auditing, vulnerability assessments, and compliance reporting & enforcement make this a comprehensive and compelling offering. The NetSHIELD solution is available as a hardware appliance that scale from 25 to 10,000 protected assets per appliance. In addition, an embedded command center allows administrators to manage up to 1000 remote sites.


  • Control Trusted Access
  • Proactive Protection from Phishing & Malware
  • Manage Mobility & Secure BYOD
  • Agentless Network & Device Protection
  • Vulnerabilities Assessments & Patch
  • Manage Internal Risk
  • SIEM/USM Integration
  • Automated Compliance Reporting
  • High Availability
  • Detect and Block
  • Rogue Access
  • Quarantine Zero Day threats & Remote Access Trojans
  • Non-inline. Plug Anywhere, Discover Everywhere
  • TLD Blocking
  • Dynamic VLAN Assignment & Quarantining

NetSHIELD Datasheet