Discover how people really work with Safetica

Find data threats, weaknesses, and productivity
holes quickly and easily

Get the inside story on your data
Detect data leaks in real time across your business



The Safetica Auditor shows you what’s really going on in your company – from the inside – by monitoring employee activity and data use.

Safetica Auditor collects data from the systems you want to monitor and displays it in an easy-to-read dashboard, so you get useful information you can act on in a timely fashion.

You’ll be able to see daily workflows and productivity, identify key performers and the most efficient work habits. You will also be able to track sensitive files, spot potential data breaches, and develop compliance guidelines or compliance requirements.


Make sure your people are spending their time and your
money on what really matters.


Discover your productivity champions

You know that some employees are outperforming others, but you don’t know how or why. The Safetica Auditor lets you see exactly where your employees are spending time on their computers.

You can also see who works with sensitive data and how they work with it, so you can restrict those who don’t need access, and control who can share information and how they can share it.

Spot challenges before they become trouble.
See whats going on in real-time to better protect your business.

Reduce licenses and IT cost

Knowing how people actually work, and what tools they use lets you eliminate unused licenses, adjust service levels, and even reclaim unused equipment. You can even see if people are using expensive, high-end printers for work or printing cookbooks and flyers for home.

See how people are really using data

Track sensitive files across your organization so you can see how your employees are working with sensitive data and what they are sharing outside your company.

“Thanks to Safetica, we now have a detailed overview of every possible security threat in our company, all of the time.”

Kofola Group

See how data moves across your company

Using an easy cloud-based interface, you can monitor and analyze how data is accessed and transferred on all local, external, network, and cloud storage company - wide.