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ArcMail for SharePoint solution consists of an archiver and a software agent which resides on the SharePoint server.  When a document is added to the SharePoint server or an existing document is edited, that document is attached to an email and sent to the customer's ArcMail archiving appliance.  Once the document reaches the appliance it is archived and indexed for search.

Archive and Search in Single Source

 ArcMail for SharePoint enables users to archive and search SharePoint documents in conjunction with other data sources contained within a single archive such as ArcMail's Defender or Cloud Gateway products.

Provides E-Discovery Ability

 E-Discovery has never been easier - ArcMail for SharePoint provides e-discovery ability including keyword search, holds and restores.  This is very useful in eDiscovery - it enables a company to know when (and by whom) SharePoint documents were checked out of SharePoint and sent to other individuals both inside and outside the company.

Maintain a Separate Audit Trail

 With ArcMail for SharePoint you can maintain a separate audit of create and edit events relative to SharePoint documents.  A single search can turn up both SharePoint documents and emails having SharePoint documents as attachments.  It also tracks versions of a document that may have been modified outside of SharePoint.


ArcMail for SharePoint Archiving Datasheet