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Social Media - Archiving's Next Generation

ArcMail Social captures, archives and indexes all of your Facebook and Twitter communications so that you maintain the ability to search and retrieve any and all of your historical social media data.  Because the window into your social media historical data is limited, capturing and searching your social media is not something you do someday, but something you start doing now.

One Archive-One Search

Unify your business communications archive and search with ArcMail Social.  ArcMail’s social media archiving solution is able to archive Facebook and Twitter communications along with your organization's email.  All of the data from these sources can be stored in a single archive.  ArcMail’s single sign-on, single search technology allows you to search all or any of these data sources using our state-of-the-art search technology.  Once identified, the results can be placed on hold, emailed to an authorized address, or exported.  By using ArcMail Social you can keep your social media communications safe behind your corporate firewall and away from any risk of theft or corruption by outside sources.


Retention Policies for Every Data Source

Because ArcMail’s Retention Policy Manager is based on best-in-class search technology, retention policies can be tailored for each data source.  Social media is no exception.  ArcMail Social stores and indexes its data by data source, users, time and content. This means that customized retention periods can be defined for each social media data source.  With one easy to use application, your IT administrators and legal counsel can manage complex retention policies and respond quickly, efficiently and with confidence to data discovery requests.


How ArcMail Social Works

ArcMail Social is designed to run on your any ArcMail archiving solution, whether it is appliance or VM based. The social media interfaces for Facebook and Twitter use the organization’s existing account information to access and retrieve information.  As information is retrieved, it is enclosed in an email and sent to the ArcMail archiving solution to be archived and indexed.   When data reaches the ArcMail archiving solution, it is de-duplicated, indexed, compressed, and archived.  Metadata and text data are extracted from all parts of each message, including header, body, and attachments.


ArcMail Social Media Archiving Datasheet