Doing More with Less Work

Automation - it’s everywhere. Your local car wash? Automated. Bill paying? Automated. Driving? Soon to be automated. Heck, even grocery checkouts are automated now! And now STEALTHbits would like to bring that automation into your customer/prospect’s work environment.

StealthAUDIT “Action Modules” enable users to remediate various conditions identified via StealthAUDIT data collection and analysis routines in bulk, as well as orchestrate workflows to automate otherwise manual processes and procedures corresponding to Active Directory, File Systems, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, and more.

Check out how we can make life easier when it comes to:

  • Active Directory
  • File Systems
  • SharePoint
  • Exchange Mailboxes
  • Exchange Public Folders
  • SendMail
  • Survey
  • Servicenow

StealthAUDIT Datasheet