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Virtual Archiving for an Increasingly Virtual World

Virtualized environments – from hardware, to software and the network -- represent the next big sea change in enterprise computing.  So don’t get caught unprepared. Make sure you've got the best email archiving solution in place to address all things virtual in your IT organization.

ArcMail's Defender VM is designed from the ground up as a virtual archiving appliance. It runs in VMware environments and provides all the power, features and proven capabilities of the award-winning Defender product line.


More than Email Archiving

At ArcMail, we understand that your archiving needs evolve, and that they most likely extend beyond a single email platform. That’s why the Defender VM is built to integrate easily and securely with almost any email server and the most popular collaboration platforms, giving you a comprehensive, single pane of glass approach to all your archiving requirements.

Offering the industry’s most secure archiving and search functionality, the Defender VM supports a wide range of data sources.


Built to Support VMware with Flexibility and Scale

With Defender VM, all search data is stored on the virtual appliance for safe, fast and convenient access. Archived data is maintained on your destination of choice, whether it’s the VM Instance, on local storage (such as a SAN or NAS) or in a public or private cloud.

Built for scale and flexibility, the Defender VM lets you increase your archived storage – and change the location of that storage -- as needed.  And if your storage goes offline, rest assured:  your archived data will be kept safely in the VM instance until you’re back online again.

And forget about data security concerns. With the Defender VM, all archived data is encrypted and can only be un-encrypted by the VM Instance. The result is the ultimate in protection for your most important data assets.

Sized to Fit Your Organization

Defender VM is available in configurations ranging from 2-20 terabytes of archived storage. Find the size that best fits your business, make your purchase – and then sit back and see how easy it is to install, deploy and maintain the Defender VM in your virtualized environment.

Why ArcMail?

As a leader and pioneer in enterprise information archiving, we've never stopped innovating and we've never stopped addressing the business and technology issues that are front and center with our customers. If virtualization plays a big role in your organization, then make sure your archiving solution is keeping pace. Make sure you've got the ArcMail Defender VM on your side.




ArcMail Virtual Defender Email Archiver Datasheet