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Data Backup

Redundant Data Storage Onsite & in the Cloud or Site-to-Site Data Replication All in the Enterprise

The Barracuda Backup Service removes tedious complexity from backing up data — while driving down costs. Using removable media like tapes to backup and restore data takes a lot of time and effort. Using tape, restoring even one file or e-mail message can take hours. Then there are the tape rotations and shipping...

The Barracuda Backup Service combines a plug-and-play appliance for onsite backups with cloud and private cloud disc-based replication to quickly and securely store data in multiple locations off-site.


The Barracuda Backup Service protects data with AES 256-bit encryption at all times from transfer to storage. This system uses no removable media that can be lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.


 Eliminates separate vendor costs for software, tapes, media storage, transportation and countless staff hours. Also, there are no per-server or per-application backup software license fees.


 The Barracuda Backup Service backs up and restores at LAN speed. By deduplicating and compressing data, the total backup storage footprint is reduced 20 to 50 times verses traditional backup methods.


Barracuda Networks Data Backup Datasheet