Hosted Archiving From ArcMail

Easy to Implement, Cost-Effective, Fully Managed Solutions from the Most Trusted Name in Archiving


Archiving and protecting your most valuable corporate data has become increasingly complex, with an IT ecosystem made up of more data types and higher volumes than ever before. The stakes are incredibly high, and the risk of lost or unavailable data – and the time required to manage it -- keeps your over-burdened IT team awake at night. Will your most critical email files and attachments, social media posts, collaboration data and other high-value digital assets be protected and instantly accessible? What about the impact of ever-increasing data on storage costs and space, along with server performance?

Fortunately, the answer is easy. Whether you need archiving for e-discovery, compliance, or ongoing information governance, you can now rest assured. ArcMail’s Hosted Archiving Solution [AHA] provides a fast, turnkey approach to reliable and secure managed enterprise archiving. AHA places your organization’s archived data in a secure off-site location, which means no additional storage to manage, no more bogged down servers – and better protection for your business.